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#955 Upload experience frustrating and slow? My working method.

Posted by Mauricio on 25 August 2013 - 01:56 AM

So I posted this in a thread to help out a user but I figured this might deserve its own topic and could help out a lot of people so I'm copying and pasting it, and slightly modifying it:

Hello everyone!!! If you are having frustrating upload experience including slow upload speeds please read!

My setup & disclaimer: My OS is windows 8, I always run the latest version of the desktop app (at the time of this post, and I have a desktop with a solid state drive for my OS and programs and two 2TB mechanical drives set up in a Raid 1 to mirror each other for my media and files. I have a pretty fair amount of computer knowledge, I would definitely say I'm above average, however, I will keep the explanation as simple as possible. Also, none of this is conclusive, these are my theories and the best results I've gotten from MY experiments.

I have been a Bitcasa member for about 2 or 3 months and have learned a LOT from the customer service as well as my own experiments. I, too, suffered and, to be fair, continue to suffer from similar frustrating upload experiences but I have found many ways to get around some of these issues with a little bit of extra work. I will try and be as clear and as simple as possible and am just going to assume you guys don't know how things work, so please do not feel offended, I am only trying to help and be as clear as possible because I know how frustrating this is and wished someone gave me this break down before I signed up so I could be prepared...


Make sure you have the latest Bitcasa client!!!!



How Bitcasa uploads work:


First of all, It is important that you understand HOW Bitcasa uploads your files from your computer and stores it in its cloud. The way uploads work for Bitcasa when you use the desktop client, Bitcasa creates a cache folder on your computer. Whenever you drag and drop a folder or file into the Bitcasa drive the files actually get transferred to the cache folder first. Then from there, they are encrypted and then uploaded to the Bitcasa servers. This is why your transfer will be "done" on your computer but in the lower right corner (for windows) it'll say "Uploading: X GB remaining". The transfer simply finished putting the files in the cache, now it is encrypting and uploading.


How the CACHE works:

For Windows, this cache folder is by default located in:

C drive > Users > [Profile Name] > Appdata > Roaming > com.bitcasa.Bitcasa > Data > bks

Now, I don't know where this folder is located in the Mac version but I am assuming it is somewhere similar. THIS FOLDER AND ITS LOCATION IS VERY IMPORTANT! You need to understand that as a cache, this folder is given a SIZE limit. This size limit determines how much data bitcasa stores to upload to its servers. This size limit is different for every hard drive (more on this later) but let's say the size limit of the folder is 6gb. If you drag and drop a 20gb file, once the folder's limit is reached (6gb) the remaining 14gb are going to transfer incredibly slowly. This is because the cache is now juggling three tasks:


1. It is uploading data to Bitcasa servers.

2. It then is deleting uploaded data from the cache to make room for new data.

3. It is transferring new data into the cache and encrypting it.


The times I have capped this cache size limit I have had my transfer in the explorer window drop to average like 100-500 KB then drop to 0 bytes for extended periods of time--making the whole upload process slow and much longer than it should be. VERY frustrating. I am assuming when it drops to 0 bytes per second it is making more room in the cache by deleting old files to let new ones in. This process, as it is currently, simply sucks. So slow and begins to hog system resources very quickly.



The Good News:


The good news is that both the location and size of the cache folder can be manually controlled and set!!! Here is how:


1. Go to the Bitcasa Settings.

2. Click the Advanced tab

3. Uncheck "Let Bitcasa manage cache"

4. Slide the slider all the way to the right or designate the amount of space you want for the cache.


The reason why you want more cache space is because it will allow you to upload bigger chunks of data much quicker. So if your cache space is 25gb, that 20gb file or folder you were uploading should zip right through and not slow down your computer to a crawl.


The Bad News:


The bad news is you can only assigned HALF of the FREE space on your drive to the cache folder. So if you have a 120gb hard drive and you only have 50gb of free space left, the MAX your cache can be is 25gb. Furthermore, the more you fill your cache the lower the limit becomes because the free space is dropping as files are transferred in. So say you transfer 10gb, that will go to the cache.. Now the free space you have is 40gb, not 50gb anymore so the cache limit you originally set to 25gb will automatically drop to 20gb. This fluctuating cache size is very annoying and poor design I think.


That leads me to the other bad news: you are at the whim of this cache size. I have a desktop with a solid state hard drive for my OS and two 2TB mechanical drives in a RAID 1 configuration for all my data. I changed the location of the Bitcasa cache to the mechanical drives and my cache size is around 500gb right now (because I have about 1 TB of free space). If I try to upload a folder that is even close to 500gb it will begin to suffer all those problems you guys are complaining about because the cache size will lower as the cache gets full and then the cache will be full and it will slow down my computer blah blah blah. The cache will then be juggling all three of those tasks I listed above that causes this frustrating upload experience.


For example: I have 1TB of free space. My cache is 500gb. If I upload 500gb of data, which theoretically would fit in my cache, as my cache fills up with data it is eating at that 1TB of free space that allowed me to have such a large cache in the first place. When 100gb of data are transferred in the cache I will only have 900gb of free space left so my cache size automatically drops to 450gb now. Eventually I will have 350gb transferred into the cache and the amount of free space I'll have left from my original 1TB is 650gb. Since the cache size is limited to half of the free space, half of 650gb is 325gb (this is now the new cache size). As you can see, I have already filled up my cache size and now my cache is overflowing with stored data that is being encrypted and uploaded. I still have about 150gb to go and that remaining data will transfer extremely slowly. This will then bring my computer to a crawl. Make sense?




1. Uninstall Bitcasa completely

2. Navigate to the com.bitcasa.Bitcasa folder (wherever you have it located) and manually delete it if it is still there. And if you have some type of registry cleaner, run it to get rid of any old registry entries of Bitcasa. (VERY IMPORTANT!!)

3. Download and reinstall the Bitcasa client

4. Start Bitcasa, log in, (do not mirror ANY folders) and go to the Bitcasa settings.

5. Click the Advanced tab

6. Uncheck "Let Bitcasa manage cache" (if you do not have multiple hard drives SKIP steps #7- 9)

        7. IF you have a desktop with multiple hard drives (like I do) move the cache to the hard drive that you have the most free space on and wait for the cache to transfer

        8. Close the settings.

        9. Reopen Bitcasa settings and go back to the Advanced tab (continue to step 10).

10. Slide the slider all the way to the right or designate the amount of space you want for the cache. Assign the cache the biggest amount of space you can afford.

11. Press "Clear cache"

12. Close the settings.


You are now ready to begin using Bitcasa.


My Method:


You need to know the size of your cache and the location of your cache. Whatever the size of your cache is, I divide by like half, and that is the biggest amount of files I upload at a time. So for me my cache is 500gb. The most I upload at a time is 250gb. If your cache is 40gb, the most you should upload at a time is 20gb. Remember this. This is very important! This avoids the problem I explained above where you cache size limit is lowered and it then interferes with your data transfer.


I normally upload overnight.


1. Select a folder or file(s) within half of your cache limit (half of your cache size i.e., 20gb if your cache is 40gb) and drag them into the desired folder on your Bitcasa drive.

2. WAIT until the transfer is done. Do not do anything.

3. WAIT until the upload is done (right click Bitcasa > make sure it does NOT say "Uploading: x gb remaining" or "finalizing"). Make sure it says "All files up to date". Only at this point are the files in the cloud.

4. Use your smart phone or the web app to double check through some of the folders or files you just uploaded to make sure they're uploaded to the cloud okay (you don't have to go through every single file but give things a glance and make sure there are NO files in grey letters and italicized).

        - The web app can be a little slow to update sometimes but if its been an hour or so since the upload completed it should be good. No file names should be in Italic font. If it is in Italics and greyed out after an hour after the upload finished it means that particular file did not finish uploading.

        - Again, normally this doesn't happen if the transfer completed using this method.

5. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP (either method works fine):

        - Go to the Bitcasa settings > Advanced tab and PRESS CLEAR CACHE.


        - Exit Bitcasa and navigate to your cache location and delete the folder bks. (ONLY DELETE THAT FOLDER AND ITS SUBFOLDERS

6. Wait for the cache to clear or delete

        - You HAVE to CLEAR the cache if you want to continue uploading files smoothly. This can take a very long time (sometimes hours) if you're clearing or deleting more than 40gb. You have to wait till it is FULLY empty. You can double check this by going to the com.bitcasa.Bitcasa folder > right click > properties> size should read 0 bytes.

 7. Go back to Bitcasa settings > Advanced tab, and move the slider all the way to the right or to the biggest size you can afford.


You are now ready to upload again and restart steps 1-6.



Yes, this is not the most convenient of cleanest way of doing things, nor is it what Bitcasa promises. But it will keep your files uploading and your computer zipping through the transfers with no slow down. It does not take that long either. You can do this in a matter of minutes. Simply, you know what size your cache is so you can adhere to it, preventing slow down. Then when the transfer is DONE you clear the cache and wait for that to be EMPTY. This prevents the cache from getting full and overflowing. Then you begin to transfer more things. Rinse and repeat. This almost always works very well for me. I usually only upload no more than about 50-100 gb at a time selecting multiple files and subfolders and uploading. If I need it to be fast I'll do like 20-30gb. I don't trust doing more than 100 gbs even thought theoretically it should run smoothly I seem to get some kind of error in the transfer process or something goes wrong at which point I don't know what has uploaded and what is still uploading. So I end up deleting the whole upload, clearing my cache and starting over.


This service is fantastic but this process definitely shouldn't be something I have to do. It should be completely seamless and transparent for the user. The cache should not fluctuate in size as it gets filled, it should be fixed. And I really wished the whole cache thing only existed for files that we use often, not for transferring. I wished it uploaded directly and it had its own app or way of doing it instead of using the file explorer (for windows).


Also remember you guys! There is a BIG chance that your ISP has DATA caps!! If they have data caps, say 250 GB a month, once you pass that your internet will be throttled and therefore, slowed down. This could be what is happening to many of you. Most ISPs have data caps. I used Comcast and their data cap was 250 GB a month, but recently they got rid of the data cap as they are restructuring their internet business or something.


That is it guys, hope this helps and it was clear. If you have any questions ask me. And I would be more than happy and welcome the Bitcasa staff to correct me, elaborate, and educate me on this process.

TO Bitcasa:

Step your game up!!!! You're almost there!! Don't be known as the service that "you get what you pay for"!!! Most of us believe in what you're doing with a few tweaks and ironing out of your service you guys could be unstoppable. Everyone wants to brag about it to their friends, but in its current state it's too much trouble--at least for power users. If all we were uploading was like 5 GB worth of stuff Bitcasa would be seamless, it's the power users that are struggling with managing their large amounts of data. Make things right for us because we are your word of mouth. We are your advertising. And hire me with a six figure salary as a creative and/or quality control director for writing this post. Hahaha.


-A tenacious user


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#4721 Chrome Extension not working for me as of today

Posted by lcurley on 03 December 2013 - 11:46 AM

So Curly is not going to personally see that it is fixed today like he said? 


Not that I don't appreciate the honesty, it's really a breath of fresh air, but at the same time it seems like it's just more of the same.


Even though I don't understand any part of this system, I'm fixing it right now.

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#2930 New Pricing Plan

Posted by okko on 19 November 2013 - 11:08 AM

This is very disturbing.


I have over 8TB of information stored in Bitcasa's "cloud" and I can't help but thinking that those files are at some point going to be used to extort me into paying new, higher prices or I'll have to scramble to recover all of my files.


So much for touting the slogan that you'll never need another hard drive, this company can arbitrarily charge what they want, when they want and your files are held hostage.


I may be protected by my "grandfathered account" now, but whose to say that that policy won't change? 


Should I save the "best answer" response for future reference that infinite accounts will not be affected by future price changes?


I'm very concerned about this.  What / When is the next price change going to be?  From $100 a year to $1000 dollars a year is quite the increase.


Is Bitcasa in trouble, hence the hike?


I don't know what to think.......





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#15959 An Open Letter to Bitcasa

Posted by mcf on 25 October 2014 - 10:24 AM

Dear Bitcasa,


Do you remember this? https://web.archive....ww.bitcasa.com/  It's really the only reason why you were a finalist at the TechCrunch Disrupt. Cloud storage was nothing new; but your claim (lie) of unlimited storage is what made you famous. We all fell for it. In fact your vision was so outstanding you filed a patent for 'unlimited storage'. Bitcasa was a great place to be; under the direction of Tony Gauda. 


Enter your new CEO, Brian Taptik. Just two months after Brian becomes the CEO, you announce the 'grandfathered' plan. Of course this made all of your early adopters (beta testers) very nervous; yet we were reassured over and over by you that our plan was 'forever'. Remember the buzz words you used? 'Forever' 'Unlimited' 'Always' 'Never'? If not I have included below to refresh your memory:


About Bitcasa

Founded by former Mastercard and Mozy employees and backed by top-tier investors, including Horizons Ventures, Pelion Venture Partners, Samsung Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz, Bitcasa is redefining how consumers are storing and accessing their data. Bitcasa offers access to the Infinite Drive across all devices; supported clients are Android, iOS, Windows, Windows RT, Mac OSX, and the web. Users never have to worry about disk space again. They can save, access, and share an unlimited number of documents, pictures, music, and movies from any device. Everything is encrypted locally and backed up in the cloud, so user data is always safe and secure.


And here we are today; you give us only a few short weeks to allow us to offload our data. Your excuse (lie) is because of so called 'abuse' and 'lack of demand'.


You do realize that when you market your services as 'unlimited' there is no abuse. Unlimited is unlimited. 


Mr. Taptik, you have destroyed what once was a very promising company. While the service was very slow and unusable for the most part; we all stuck around hoping it would become better. 


Bitcasa lied, plain and simple. For the employees at Bitcasa under Brian Taptik; we feel your pain. You signed on, much like we did, for a great innovative company, and you ended up with this.


Good bye Bitcasa, good luck with what short time you have left as a sustainable company. Lord knows you will need it.




Your early adopters. 

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#12664 What speeds can be expected for Europe? Up and down, please.

Posted by Davita on 16 July 2014 - 10:09 PM

Hello hello everyone!


Another awesome update. We've turned on our new upload server for the web portal and hope to turn on the upload server for mobile and Developer API in the near future!


I want to emphasize how much we really (and I mean - really) appreciate your patience during this time. If you should have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback, please do not hesitate to let us know, good or bad.


In the meantime, we'll continue to keep you updated on the progress of our new upload and download servers.


Thanks so much!

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#16037 Easily download Bitcasa Data for Safe Keeping

Posted by reallistic on 25 October 2014 - 04:39 PM

BitcasaFileLister - A better way to download data from Bitcasa


The BitcasaFileLister is a two part tool. One is a web application that allows you to get bitcasa base64 encoded url's. The second is python command-line tool that allows you to easily download all of your file via the bitcasa api.

This is done using the python wget module and allows you to specify how many threads (concurrent downloads) you want to run at a time.

The idea for this came to me when Bitcasa first announced the price hike, but given the recent events I have re-kindled the project.



  Download whole directories at a time, file-by-file.

  For downloads to network storage, download to temp local directory first, then copy to network storage.

  Max out download bandwidth via concurrent downloads.

  Retrieve bitcasa base64 encoded folder/file paths.

  Download single file's via api.



  Upload directly to cloud providers (google drive, opendrive, copy)

  Python web application for scheduling and management

  Copying lists of files instead of entire directories

  Upload local files to cloud providers (google drive, opendrive, copy)

  Copy single file


Happy downloading  :)




Donate :)


Read the README


Windows install guide


Download the latest zip (may be unstable)


A release can be downloaded by clicking "source code (zip)"


Current Stable v0.6.3


Old Stable v0.5.4


All releases

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#14033 What speeds can be expected for Europe? Up and down, please.

Posted by Kyle on 30 September 2014 - 12:35 PM

Hi everyone. We've stated in the past that we were aiming to have our new infrastructure up and running by the end of the third quarter, which ends tomorrow. Unfortunately, new infrastructure will not be completed this week. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. It does, however, appear that new infrastructure will be up and running soon, and it looks like I'll be able to get more tangible information within the next week, which I'll share as soon as I can. We appreciate your patience, and I'm sorry we're behind schedule. More updates to come soon. 

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#11027 What speeds can be expected for Europe? Up and down, please.

Posted by MrOBM on 10 May 2014 - 02:11 AM

I've been following this thread for a while and I felt that some people were giving the Bitcasa team a hard time for the delays but now I have to agree with LPC, this is getting ridiculous. Never mind whether or not the majority of your users are from the EU, there are more than enough paying customers situated within the EU that this should be made a top priority. I've been with Bitcasa for over a year and on more than enough occasions I've given the service the benefit of the doubt, from buggy desktop software to crawling speeds. I think it's time you step up to the mark, drop everything else, get the dev team to make this their ONLY priority until it's fixed, tested and deployed. I don't think it's unreasonable for us, as paying customers, to expect a decent speed to download our own data. The fact that the website advertises that there are regional data-centers I also find misleading, any new customers from outside the US should be put on hold until the problem is resolved.  

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#2964 New Pricing Plan

Posted by Ryan Haver on 19 November 2013 - 12:21 PM

I am flabbergasted. It appears that these new changes are due to the new leadership at Bitcasa. I was hoping when Brian Taptich took over as CEO something like this wouldn't happen. I'll admit that your pricing is still reasonable for those that are looking to switch services, but you'll lose a good amount of customers over this move. You've lost my trust and the trust of many others. Apparently the current model wasn't profitable because there appears to be more unique data than your patented algorithms could initially account for. One failed promise after another. Slow buggy service and software. This isn't the first time I have felt cheated by Bitcasa, but it has made me rethink my renewal next year. Hopefully something else comes along to take the place in the market that you just abandoned.


I feel like I need to explain myself to people that I recommend your service to. I almost feel like I cheated them out of their money by recommending you. Let me voice my concern along with many others by saying that you need to be more forthcoming about changes like this. I am "supposedly" unaffected by the pricing changes, but still feel cheated. I think many people feel the same way.

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#2947 New Pricing Plan

Posted by Purple Man on 19 November 2013 - 11:59 AM

Indeed, this sounds like the end of bitcasa.


Their entire premise was that of infinite storage at an affordable price.

It is now just another dropbox.

I have an infinite account, but I will not be uploading any new content and not renew the account as it now seems pointless.


Cloud storage is an investment, and it requires a significant amount of trust. You invest time and effort uploading and ordering your content in good faith of long term service continuity. Unfortunately, this, for me, marks the end of bitcasa's trustworthiness.


Why would I pay, invest my time and be assured of my data's reliability when I can't trust the service provider?


However, everyone - try to understand that we all kinda knew this. Storage costs money. A lot of it.

I think that now, under new management, bitcasa started realizing they can't deliver their promise.


As I write these lines I received the e-mail announcement from Bitcasa that the new price plan will not affect current customers, however - I still fear of what might happen once my 1 year paypal-paid service up and I have to manually renew it - will it still be 99$? Who knows.


Like I said, trust is the problem here.

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#12404 What speeds can be expected for Europe? Up and down, please.

Posted by Kyle on 02 July 2014 - 01:08 PM

Hi everyone. I've got some not-so-good news to share. We're still in the process of testing our upload server in a stage environment, and it doesn't look like it will be rolled out this week. I don't have any other updates at the moment, but will provide them as they become available.

I understand that the rolling out of this project has taken longer than expected, and has been very frustrating for many users. I don't want to diminish any of your frustration, but I want to make it clear that it's never my favorite thing to have to announce that something that we've been talking about, something that we've said is right around the corner, is yet again delayed. I've shared some comments from this thread with a few of our developers, and crew members on our marketing team to make sure they understand the disappointment these delays have caused Bitcasa users. 

While I will continue to do everything I can to keep an open line of communication and provide updates in this thread, please understand that how candid I decide to be depends on the community's behavior. I'd like to continue to be straightforward with the community, and I think most of the community wants me to be straightforward, but when a few users persistently post belligerent comments, effectively dog piling Bitcasa and/or myself, I'm going to feel less inclined to be straightforward. That's not to say criticism is not warranted - it most certainly is in this case. I ask that if you're feeling frustrated or angry, please read over your comment before posting it to make sure you are making a clear statement, and are not simply being reactive. If you've voiced the same frustration before, maybe it's not necessary to post it again. 

Moving forward, I hope we can communicate in a more constructive manner. I'll see what updates I can get, though I don't anticipate reporting anything back until next week.

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#5043 High memory usage

Posted by Viktor on 08 December 2013 - 05:55 AM

A pretty good workaround provides the minimem tool, which reduces the memory usage of Bitcasa.exe to 5000 K on my machine.


BTW, I completely moved the folder %APPDATA%com.bitcasa.Bitcasa (including elk and velk) to another drive and replaced it with a junction pointing to the new location.

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#487 Using rsync with Bitcasa

Posted by McGroarty on 30 July 2013 - 12:22 PM

rsync is a helpful tool for keeping local backups in sync with Bitcasa without making use of the Mirror feature. Using rsync instead of Mirror has numerous advantages:

  • Bitcasa CPU and disk use remain low when not updating backups
  • You can back up and update files that are not in your home directory, including network files
  • You can skip files you don't care about. For example, "iTunes Music Library.xml" can be hundreds of megs, changes frequently, yet isn't required in backups. Because it can be regenerated from the .itl file, Time Machine skips this file.
  • rsync properly handles symbolic links
  • rsync lets you specify maximum bandwidth (write speeds)
  • rsync can be freely aborted and resumed without losing progress
  • rsync lets you verify backups (clear your Bitcasa read cache and tell rsync to always checksum if doing this)

There's one big caveat with rsync and Bitcasa: Bitcasa's filesystem doesn't always reflect recent writes when reading. This is problematic with rsync's behavior of writing to temporary files, then moving the temporary file in place. This can result in rsync failing because it can't find the temp file it just wrote. To address this, you should always use the --inplace rsync flag if the rsync target is Bitcasa. This makes rsync write to the final destination, rather than intermediate temporary files.

For performance, you should also avoid read operations when updating files. It's generally fastest to re-write the entire file, versus reading a file to search for differences and triggering a download of all or part of the file. This is because writing a file that contains duplicate blocks will trigger Bitcasa's de-duplication mechanism. The duplicate parts of the file won't be re-sent to Bitcasa. To write the whole file, use the --whole-file operation.


If you'd like another helpful tool, look at the -F rsync flag. I back up my entire home directory, and this flag lets me skip files I don't want to back up by creating a rules file named ".rsync-filter" at the top level of my home directory. An example for a Mac user who also uses Dropbox might be:

- /.Trash/
- /.dropbox/
- /Dropbox/.dropbox.cache/
- /Library/
- /Music/iTunes/iTunes Library Genius.itdb
- /Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml
- /Temp/


If you've found anything else that helps, I'd love to hear.

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#4755 Chrome Extension not working for me as of today

Posted by lcurley on 03 December 2013 - 05:31 PM

Okay, it was a bit more complicated than I thought, but I've got a fix. It'll be released on Wednesday along with some other small fixes.

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#3652 New Pricing Plan

Posted by Ryan Haver on 21 November 2013 - 04:49 PM

We have been patiently waiting for the Linux client for over a year, since early beta days. As the Linux client open beta approaches we've been informed that we cannot use it unless we change to the new price plan. How can you promise a client to Linux users then after making them wait for over a year tell them they can't use it unless they limit their storage or pay 10x more for what they had before? We understand that you have concerns about abuse with Linux as it is on virtually all hosted servers in the cloud, but this is ridiculous. It isn't fair for you to treat the entire Linux community like thieves and miscreants. You've effectively labeled any and all linux users as abusers.
 I might continue to use your service, but I will no longer recommend it to anyone. Especially after so many false promises made openly in the forums and through support channels. Most people aren't mad about the price changes, once they find out that they can stay on the old pricing if they're already on it. Those that are still angry have been with you since the early days and their anger is seeded deeply in the twisted deceit of a company that offers bold faced lies to it's customers; then acts like nothing happened.
Regardless of why these decisions were made you have lost my trust as a customer and the trust of many others, who were loyal to your cause. Perhaps worse than that; I no longer respect Bitcasa as a brand, and idea, or a company. Many people have stuck with Bitcasa from the beginning, through official Beta to the "still feels like beta a year after leaving beta" moments. We have been patiently waiting for the promised improvements to the web portal for months, to only find that it's unusably slow. We have been promised fixes for issues with data corruption and repeated failed uploads with no remedy in sight. We have been promised a native linux client that is still nowhere near release, but will be limited to new users while those that paid for it's development are stuck with difficult choices.
I personally uploaded only 2TB of my 7TB of data because of failed uploads and corrupted data. It took me 6 attempts (on a 1Gbps connection, which still took me weeks for each attempt) to get my data uploaded and then after verifying it's integrity I found that a large amount of files were corrupt or just never uploaded. I then spent the next few weeks uploading what was missing and replacing corrupted files. The web portal is so slow that I stopped using it months ago. Upload and download speeds are a complete joke even on my Gigabit internet connection. 
At the least we expect a public apology from Brian Taptich. When that apology never comes our distrust and lost respect will be validated. For good measure we expect past, present and future promises to be kept. When more promises are broken we will look back and wonder why we chose to stay. There is a difference between good business and doing the right thing. Business comes first in a business (we should all understand that), but the best companies always strive to do the right thing without biting off more than they can chew.
Sincerely disillusioned,

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#11464 What speeds can be expected for Europe? Up and down, please.

Posted by darkness on 27 May 2014 - 06:42 PM

Hi All,


The new download servers went live in the Americas a little before 11am today (PDT).  We let that simmer for a few hours before turning on Europe at 16:45 and Asia at 17:00.  In our tests, we are getting around 3.2 MB/sec (25Mbit/sec) for a download.  This value is per-connection, so a download manager that uses parallel download threads would get some multiple of that.  As previously mentioned, right now the new servers are active for web downloads only.  In a few days we will begin testing the turning on the upload capability, followed by switching over api up/downloads to the new servers.


If you do use threaded download manager, I recommend setting the minimum chunk size to at least 4MB.  The reason for this is that there is a small latency to being a download while we verify the authenticity of the request and start decrypting data.  We have to decrypt an entire chunk of data before we can start sending the first byte.  Additionally, this will give TCP a chance to open it's windows sufficiently.



If you aren't seeing good speeds, please send me a PM with:

  • The time of your download (remember to specify a timezone)
  • Your IP address
  • The Country in which you are located
  • What speed you were expecting
  • What browser you are using and your operating system (Windows 7 / OSX / Linux / C64)

I can't promise to respond to each and every PM, nor can I promise to respond quickly.  However the more information I have, the better.

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#9214 Plex Cloud Sync isn't working at all

Posted by lcurley on 20 March 2014 - 10:35 AM

Yeah so...


Our current API has a hard limit of 2GB for uploads, same as the web client, and it's not something we can easily fix. Plex obviously needs to upload video files greater than 2GB, so we quickly created an experimental endpoint for them to use. This new endpoint added some much needed functionality, but suffered from a poor design that caused instability and extremely poor performance (I measured 6x slower than the API).


I've decided to scrap the endpoint Plex is using and have started work on a new upload server to power all of Bitcasa. Unfortunately, this means Plex integration will remain broken until it's complete, but we're targeting a release in a couple of weeks (the new download server will be around the same time too).


I'm really sorry that we shipped an incomplete product - and I'm going to fix it - but I need some time to do things properly.

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#4843 Chrome Extension not working for me as of today

Posted by lcurley on 04 December 2013 - 02:45 PM

Yep, it should be working now, but you'll have to retry any previously queued downloads.

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#12675 What speeds can be expected for Europe? Up and down, please.

Posted by titan on 17 July 2014 - 08:22 AM

Dear LPC,


They are working on the download issue as well. They are first working on the upload servers as that'll help people a lot anyway. Let them get what they want to get working first, and then we can all complain if they don't follow through and get the download issue resolved. Sure, you, like myself have been using Bitcasa for what seems like a lifetime now and we still have to deal with some flaws. That however does not really give you the right to use your brash and rude attitude towards the staff members here trying to give us some good news. Doing so will only run them back into hiding, which we both can agree that that is not what anyone wants to have happen. Davita is doing a great service in bringing us great news and you just want to cut her off at the knees. Time to show a little restraint in attacking people whom only wish to help.

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#10642 Plex Cloud Sync isn't working at all

Posted by lcurley on 28 April 2014 - 10:41 AM

There's a new upload server that will remove the 2GB limit, improve speed, and improve reliability for Plex and Bitcasa (non-desktop) in general. It's ready and we're currently working on releasing it.

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